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Second Youth Forum on Adaptation Finance in Africa

Theme: Financing Energy Access for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in Africa   

Date: TBD 2024

Location: TBD


the need for climate adaptation in africa is paramount.

The impacts of climate change in Africa are undeniable, and the urgency to act is paramount. The Youth Forum on Adaptation Finance in Africa seeks to unite young activists to call for urgent action from the international community to prioritise and more than double funding for climate adaptation, recognising that this is a moral imperative and a strategic investment in Africa’s future resilience and prosperity. 

adaptation finance gap

While the need for adaptation in Africa is clear, a substantial gap exists in adaptation finance. The current financial commitments for adaptation need to be revised to address the scale of the continent’s climate challenges. Key issues include: 



Existing adaptation finance mechanisms are insufficient to meet the demands of adaptation projects and programs across Africa.


Access Barriers

Many African countries face challenges in accessing climate finance, including complex application processes and limited project development and implementation capacity



Predictable, long-term funding is essential for effective adaptation, yet many African countries face uncertainty in financial support.

Cost of non-Action

The cost of non-action on climate adaptation in Africa is high and unsustainable. Not addressing adaptation needs will lead to:


Humanitarian Crises

Increased climate-induced disasters will result in humanitarian crises, displacing communities and straining resources.


Economic Setbacks

Continual climate-related damage will reverse economic growth, particularly in agriculture and tourism.


Social Unrest

Climate-induced displacement and resource scarcity can contribute to social unrest and conflict.


Youth Forum on Adaptation Finance

The Youth Forum on Adaptation Finance in Africa aims to inspire and empower 150 young activists from across the continent to advocate for increased funding for climate adaptation in Africa by more than double. The forum will include:

  • Three-Day Event: The forum will span three days, featuring panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities. 
  • Capacity Building: Participants will gain knowledge and skills in climate finance, advocacy, and project development. 
  • Advocacy Campaign: The forum will culminate in a coordinated advocacy campaign to raise awareness and call for action on adaptation finance in Africa. 
  • Youth Voices: By mobilising young activists, the forum will amplify the voices of the youth in the climate adaptation discourse. 


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