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YAF Initiative welcomed in Chad

One of YAF regional coordinators Mr. Idriss Adoum Idriss and Urgence contre la Faim -UCF president Mahamat ALIFA Abouna were received by the Minister of Environment to present the “Youth for Adaptation Finance in Africa” initiative.

The meeting, which took place at the Ministry’s headquarters, was a crucial moment for our team. We were warmly welcomed by the Minister and his team, who showed a keen interest in our project to strengthen African countries’ capacity to adapt to environmental challenges.

The Minister was extremely receptive to our initiative and expressed his enthusiastic support for the YAF. He stressed the importance of mobilizing young people to meet the environmental challenges facing Africa. He also promised to facilitate further meetings with other departmental and government officials and key stakeholders to reinforce our action.

The Youth for Adaptation Finance in Africa (YAF) initiative is an innovative platform designed to mobilize Africa’s youth in the fight against the effects of climate change. Our aim is to enable young leaders and civil society organizations to play a key role in promoting adaptation finance in Africa.

We believe that young people are a key driver of change and that by actively involving them, we can create more sustainable and effective solutions.

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