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About Us

We want

'Fair Adaptation finance for Africa

A fair adaptation financing mechanism for Africa is crucial to enable the continent to adapt to the impacts of climate change. This Initiative aims to raise awareness, advocate for increased funding, promote participation, and ensure transparency and accountability in the financing mechanism. The campaign for fair adaptation finance in Africa, with a focus on youth engagement, is an essential step towards building a climate-resilient future and build adaptive capacities  for the continent. By mobilizing the potential of Africa’s youthful population, the campaign will drive innovative activism and foster a new generation of leaders committed to addressing the challenges posed by climate change on the continent.


our Vision

To an increase in adaptation funding for Africa which is fair and serves the best interest of the African people 


Our Mission

To defeat all “aid” that is not in the interest of Africa


Our Passion

We are driven by the Pan Africanist spirit and the enthusiasm of youths in Africa to protect this continent  

“Africa has been treated unjustly since the beginning of time. it is time for africa to get justice.”

Afanyu Yembe N.